Hours of Operation

Monday, Wednesday, Friday:

6am - 10am 

12pm - 1.15pm

4.30pm - 7.30pm

Tuesday + Thursday:

6am - 7am 

9am - 10am

4.30pm - 7.30pm


7.30am - 10am




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Learn boxing technique while conditioning your body and increasing your cardio. 


Muay Thai is a style of kickboxing incorporating punches, elbows, knees, kicks and clinches. 


A group class working on physical, mental and spiritual practices and disciplined exercises. 

Strength & Conditioning

A mixture of weight and cardio exercises to strengthen your body and increase cardio.  

Kids Boxing

A revolutionary new boxing program to take kids from beginner all the way to expert boxer. 

Amateur Boxing Team

A boxing program created towards people who want to become competitive boxers. Involves boxing technique and sparring.