DeLand Boxing & Fitness


In 1998 Trevor Cedar founded the first original Boxing Fitness Gym; South Florida Boxing on Miami Beach. Within 6 years the company expanded to 3 other locations and it all started with the simple but true thought: 

You don't have to be a boxer to train like one.

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Boxing is the best full body workout, but most boxing gyms were scary, intimidating places, that didn't make you feel welcome - if you weren't a fighter.

DeLand Boxing & Fitness brings that true tough boxing spirit and makes it available to everyone. With 30 heavy bags, you will be put through the training of a boxer, training your whole body. With the resistance of hitting a 100lb bag, the cardio and boxing style AB workouts, you will work your whole body. Whilst getting rid of your aggression from your day.

So come join a real gym and see results, take a class at DeLand Boxing & Fitness.